Crypt-ober: Gorilla’s Paw (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

All horror fans know about the story of the Monkey’s Paw. It’s an artifact that can grant your fondest wishes… Well… Sort of. You just have to be careful what you wish for. And that’s definitely the theme in today’s tale. Can the Cryptkeeper weave a good tale around this ghoulish type of artifact? Let’s find out. This is Gorilla’s Paw.

Image result for Gorilla's Paw (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Kenny, Chuck, and Billy are the 3 coolest kids in town, apparently. They’re so cool that they made up nicknames for themselves (Kingpin, Rockman, and Cool Kid… Seriously). They push a kid named Lewis around a lot, even though he just wants to be in their club. One day, Lewis steals a gorilla’s paw that’s supposed to grant wishes. He starts trying to grant wishes for the three kids, but the wishes have – what else? – unexpected consequences.

The story of this one is pretty basic. We’ve seen dozens of “be careful what you wish for” scenarios in kid’s shows already. Honestly, this doesn’t give us any clever twists on the subject at all. Even the ending is predictable. The characters don’t do much to make the episode special either.

The characters are all pretty boring. The “cool kids” act predictably stand-offish and conceded. I seriously wonder why they’re considered cool in the first place. Lewis, also, is a bit too eager to get into this club through the episode. He seems completely flat as a character because he does nothing outside of wanting to be in this club.

CRYPTIE CAMEO: Cryptie is the host of a game show called Gruesome Gladiators. Even has a speaking part in it and everything.

This episode was the definition of “middle of the road.” It wasn’t good enough to recommend and wasn’t bad enough to condemn. It gave you exactly what you thought you’d get. Nothing more, nothing less.


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