Crypt-ober: All Booked Up (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

I love to read. It’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time. I love reading so much that I often carry a book with me wherever I go. A good book can make a long car trip into a fun adventure, a suspenseful mystery, or a chilling horror story. The right book can really spark the imagination. Of course, not everybody likes to read. Take today’s main character, Greg. Can the Cryptkeeper give us a story to die for? Let’s find out. This is All Booked Up.

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Greg thinks reading is boring and would rather spend his day skateboarding. Unfortunately for him, his teacher assigns a book report. So, he journey’s to the school’s old library where the Cryptkeeper gives him an old tome that sucks Greg into the fictional world. Can Greg learn the joy of reading before it’s too late?

Greg is a season 3 main character so I fully expected to hate him from the start. I was pleasantly surprised. He was actually a believable kid character. Some kids just don’t like to read. He wasn’t all “Books SUCK!” about it, though. He didn’t bully others for their love of reading. He just didn’t see value in it himself. It made me CARE about him when he eventually got into trouble. His voice acting is a bit too soft-spoken for my tastes, but I’ll take under-acted to loud an obnoxious any day.

Not only is Greg a compelling main character, I found myself really liking the story of this episode as well. I am genuinely impressed by the episode’s accuracy in it’s retelling of certain stories, particularly the Frankenstein segment. It followed the book’s story rather than the movie’s, which was drastically different. They even pointed out how the book and the movie are pretty much nothing alike. I also really liked that Greg got more and more intrigued by the stories and actually complained when he was forced to move to the next book, wanting to know more about the previous story first.

CRYPTIE CAMEO: As I said before, the Cryptkeeper is the librarian that helps Greg. He actually also follows Greg and helps him through the stories. It’s fine, really, as Cryptie’s my favorite horror host, but.. WHY DOES NOBODY REACT TO THIS DEAD HEAD’S ODD APPEARANCE? Series 3 is just so inconsistent, I swear.

Not only was this episode good. This episode was GREAT. Greg was a really good character, the story was unique and well paced, and the animation actually felt like top form for this season. Maybe it has something to do with my particular love of the subject matter, but I would even say that this was one of my favorite episodes of the whole dang show so far. If you only watch one episode from the NEW Tales from the Cryptkeeper, I recommend it be this one. I promise it will really draw you in.


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