Crypt-ober: Ghost Ship (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

ARR, MATEYS! Baton down the hatches and prepare to be boarded! Today’s salty sea story is all about a ship of ghostly pirates. Of course, we’re all familiar with ships that have skeleton crews if you’ve ever seen the Disney Pirates movie. Ghost ship stories are nothing new to the horror genre. There have been stories regarding cursed treasures and ghoulish pirates for almost as long as there have been actual pirates. But can the Cryptkeeper spin a good yarn regarding swashbuckling buccaneers or is this ship sunk? Let’s find out. This is Ghost Ship.

Image result for Ghost Ship (Tales from the Cryptkeeper)

Ben and Mike are total surfer dudes who basically steal Ben’s dad’s new boat and get shipwrecked. Right as they’re about to completely sink, they get picked up by a ship… A GHOST SHIP, of course. They’re recruited into Captain Red Beard’s crew in order to grab an old cursed treasure.

Ben and Mike are empty heads with a very vast vocabulary. Seriously, they’re basically just Bill and Ted and one of them happens to have a Jamaican accent on top of his surfer dude vernacular. They have no personality outside of surfer dudes and it makes them kind of boring to watch. They don’t even react much to the skeletal pirates or any predicament they find themselves in.

The twist of the story, ie what the pirates are really up to, is at least a little bit of a surprise. At the very least, I didn’t see it coming. The rest of the episode is fine, pacing wise. There were a few action bits as the guys tried to fight back the skeleton crew that were interesting. But, ultimately, I found the story pretty boring.

Bottom line, this was a mediocre and kind of annoying episodes. I simply didn’t care for Ben and Mike. How can I care about their predicament if they can’t even care about it themselves? I’m sad to say that this pirate story was a real sinker.


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