Crypt-ober: The Bewitchin’ Pool (The Twilight Zone)

You’re traveling to another dimension. A dimension not of sight and sound but of mind. There’s the sign post up ahead. Your next stop, the Twilight Zone. The original Twilight Zone show needs no introduction. Rod Sterling’s dulcet tones are known throughout the horror anthology community. His show was a landmark, an incredible mix of horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and intrigue that was never before seen. But how did it end? Did it end on as good of a note as everyone wanted? Let’s find out with it’s very last episode, The Bewitchin’ Pool.

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Sport and Jeb are two kids to rich parents. They have a big house, big yard, and a big pool. Unfortunately, they’re very unhappy as their parents are always fighting and yelling at them. One day, a little boy appears in their pool and they decide to follow him. They find themselves in a world where the only adult is a woman named Aunt T. She takes care of a bunch of children who never grow up and always have fun.

Alright, let’s set the record straight right here. This episode SUCKS. And one thing is obvious from the very first minute the episode actually starts. This episode is terribly, TERRIBLY ADR’d to hell and back. Like, seriously, they got a completely different person to voice the little girl’s outdoor scenes and they sound absolutely nothing alike. In fact, none of the voices for the outdoor scenes seem to sinc up at all. Nobody sounds natural here. It’s like nobody who was editing this thing for sound was paying attention to what they were doing.

Even if the audio problems weren’t distracting, these characters are terrible. Sure, the kids are alright… Sort of. Their biggest problem is that they can’t act. Of course, the adults are no better. It felt like the adults are just trying to sound as bitchy as possible. They constantly nag and whine at each other and berate the kids for absolutely no reason. Heck, the mother is horrible to her own children even when they’re not doing a damn thing. I wanted the two parents to get some kind of comeuppance but it unfortunately never happens.

I also hated the message of this episode. It basically tells kids that it’s better to run away from your problems and never really try to solve them. If you run away, you’ll find a magical land where you’ll always be happy! What kind of lesson is this?

Rod Sterling is always great as a host. He brings a classiness to the role of Horror Host that simply nobody else can match. Not to mention his unique voice and tone that really lends credence to his skills. However, in this episode, he doesn’t really seem to be trying that hard. It was almost like he knew this was the show’s last episode and he decided to not put any effort into it. It’s a shame. I would have loved to see him in top form.

I hated this episode. Not only was it terribly put together, it was just a really bad story. It also paints a terrible of this family. It’s a fucking trek to watch this train wreck of a family talk to each other. If this is how the Twilight Zone ended, no wonder it ended here. Who would want to continue a show after an episode like this?


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