Christmas Merry-Thon: Prep and Landing

“It’s Jingle Time!” -Magee

Ever wonder how Santa is able to travel all over the world and deliver presents in one night? Well, there have been a whole lot of theories and stories made to explain this part of the myth. Multiple stories say he can stop time, that he’s super fast, has magic powers, etc. In today’s special, we see Santa getting some help from his elf workers. In particular, we follow one elf that’s tired of his job. Furthermore, it’s a special made by Disney. Is this a good, original take on a popular story or is this special on the naughty list? Let’s find out. This is Prep & Landing. Continue reading


Christmas Merry-Thon: Night of the Meek (Twilight Zone)

“Someone should remind her that Christmas is more than barging up and down department store aisles and pushing people out of the way. Someone has to tell her that Christmas is another thing finer than that. Richer, finer, truer, and it should come with patience and love, charity, compassion.” -Henry Corwin

The Twilight Zone is one of the most popular horror/sci-fi series of all time. However, that doesn’t mean they never strayed from these two genres. Sometimes, they would have episodes that tried to tell a different kind of story, fantasy or “slice of life” tales. Today’s tale is one of these stories. But is it a Christmas miracle or should this episode have stayed in the back alleys of the Twilight Zone. Let’s find out. This is Night of the Meek.

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Christmas Merry-Thon: The Return of Doctor Mysterio (Doctor Who)

The Doctor Who Christmas Special has been a tradition for me ever since I started watching Doctor Who. Unfortunately for me, the last (and only) really good one was A Christmas Carol back in 2010. The rest have had major flaws, from not being that well written to not having good characters to even barely being about Christmas at all. So, this year’s special has finally aired! Does it have the same problems? Is it super good or a super waste of time? Let’s take a look at The Return of Doctor Mysterio.

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Christmas Merry-Thon: A Charlie Brown Christmas

“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” -Charlie Brown

Did you know that the 12 Days of Christmas refers to the 12 Days AFTER Christmas? It’s true! …I think. I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere before and I’m not just using that as an excuse to do Christmas blogs after Christmas. Anyway, I have decided that this year I’m going to be looking at some Christmas specials and movies for at least 12 days, possibly longer if the Christmas spirit stays with me. I am going to be looking at some old familiar favorites and some things I have never seen before. And for our first Day of Christmas, we’re gonna take a look at a classic special that airs on TV at least once a year. Does it actually hold up or is everyone looking at this one through rose colored glasses? This is A Charlie Brown Christmas.

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