Spooked and Haunted

So I’ve been really busy getting married to my fiance… Excuse me, WIFE, Laura, this past month. (The ceremony was short and simple at a court house and the “reception” was at Long Horn Steakhouse.) Likewise, I’ve also been busy with my job and preparing to take on a new class at the end of October. My busy-ness isn’t going to slow down any time soon, BUT, since October is here, I feel the need. The need for HALLOWEEN!


Last year’s month long Halloween celebration revolved around Tales from the Cryptkeeper and similar anthology shows. This year… I have no plan. You see, not only am I trying to prepare (mentally and by making lesson plans) for a new class I’m teaching, I’m ALSO going on my honeymoon this month. AND I need to prepare for that as well. So this year, unfortunately, there is no cohesive theme for me other than general Halloweeny-ness.

If you ARE itching for a month long specific celebration, might I suggest Laura’s Honest Ramblings for your perusing. She is doing a “Stephen King” marathon where she’ll be looking at various works associated with the wicked writer.

Also, the Haunted Drive-In, my old haunt (ha ha), has been resurrected yet again. And this time, it seems Rabbi is determined to keep it running for a good, long while. I’ll be contributing a few articles over there every so often (that is, if he’ll have me, of course).

I also have a bit of announcement regarding the Spook Factor, my video series looking at horror media for kids. I want to make it more often, given the time. The good news is, I have a planned schedule right now. Not this month (remember, honeymoon) but starting next month, November 2017, I will be releasing a minimum of one Spook Factor video per month. We’ve got the next 8 – 11 videos all planned out. (The first will either be one really long video or 3 smaller videos.) My plan is to try to do at least 2 videos per month starting by June or July of next year. (Possibly one shorter and one longer, one vlog and one proper Spook Factor episode, or something like that.) I’m really passionate about this project and I want to see some good things come out of it, so I’m ready to commit to it.

Depending on how the next few vids go, I might do an announcement regarding a possible Patreon that I want to start for the Spook Factor. I’m still on the fence about it, so I’m not really announcing that now. It’s just something to think about.

So, those are my general announcements. I hope to have a blog with more substance out in a day or two. Maybe a review or a top 10 list or something. Either way, I’m excited to really start celebrating my favorite holiday!



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