Daffy’s Nuzlocke Journal: Pokemon LeafGreen (Day 3)

In today’s adventure, I tackle the very first Gym, face many trainers, and make some new friends!

Read on and enjoy!

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Dear Journal,

After getting my Pokemon all pumped up, after hours of training, I was finally ready to enter the Pewter City Gym. A receptionist at the entrance to the Gym told me that Grass type would probably suite me best against the leader and his trainer, so I had to rely on Lewis to carry the team through this struggle. The trainer was no match for Lewis! Both of his Pokemon went down in one hit.

Then, it was time for Brock. His first Pokemon, a rock with arms named Geodude, went down pretty quick. His second Pokemon was a huge, intimidating rock snake named Onix. He looked like he was going to be tough. But Lewis is tougher! Lewis whipped his vines right at that Onix and it went down like a chump. I was so proud of him at that moment. In only 3 days, my little Bulbasaur has grown up to take down giants!

Lewis was excited too! Unfortunately, he got a little too excited. Apparently he had learned a couple of Powder moves and, when I went to hug him, he accidentally let out a cloud of sleep powder. It knocked me right out.

When I came to, I noticed that Brock had kindly dragged me into a small bedroom in the back of his Gym. I rubbed my head as Brock came into the room with some tea for me. It was pretty good. Finally, he presented me with my first ever Gym Badge, the Boulder Badge! I proudly put it in a little pouch I had bought to keep my Badges safe.

He then told me to continue my journey to Cerulean City to face the Gym there. I shook his hand and left the building, feeling very proud of my team (especially Lewis).

As I was heading toward a new route to catch a new Pokemon friend, one of Prof. Oak’s aides stopped me and gave me a pair of new shoes. I really needed them, too, because my old shoes had been hurting my feet and making me walk super slow everywhere. The new shoes are so comfortable that I’m basically running everywhere now. A letter attached to the shoes said they were from my mom. I called her right then to thank her and update her on my journey. She sounded very happy for me.

On Route 3, there were soooo many trainers. All of them wanted to fight, too. It was okay by me because I wanted to train up my Pokemon some more. Ratigan and Pointy in particular needed to practice.

Also on Route 3, I found a funky looking bird called a Spearow. It just came running at me right out of the grass. This is one feisty bird! It’s kind of Hasty with the way it runs into battles. I decided to name it Noah. Poor thing was pretty weak compared to the rest of my team. I needed to train him up so that he doesn’t get hurt so easy.

I continued on, approaching a small mountain that I hadn’t seen through all the trees before: Mount Moon. It was pretty intimidating up close, but I decided to venture into the caves of the mountain. As I was exploring, I found one of those rocks with arms that Brock was using, a Geodude. This one’s as Naughty as my Ratigan as it got my attention by chucking small rocks at me. After a bit of a struggle (turns out Rock types are pretty sturdy), I finally caught it! I decided to name it Pebbles.

This cave is pretty cozy if you pile some rocks the right way. My team and I are going to call it a night for now. Hopefully, we can make it out of this cave by tomorrow.


Lewis the Bulbasaur (Starter) (Naive)

Gidget the Pidgey (Route 1 at Level 2) (Hardy)

Ratigan the Rattata (Route 22 at Level 2) (Naughty)

Pointy the Beedrill (Viridian Forest at Level 4) (Lax)

Noah the Spearow (Route 3 at Level 6) (Hasty)

Pebbles the Geodude (Mount Moon at Level 8) (Naughty)


None today.


Heimlich the Caterpie (Found: Route 2 at Level 4) (Died: Route 2 at Level 5) (Adamant) (Cause of Death: Level 4 Pidgey got 2 Critical Hits in a row.)


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