Halloween in June Editorial: Scary Superheroes on the Silver Screen

Marvel is currently heading a huge boom in superhero movies. DC is trying it’s best to keep up, but ever since The Dark Knight, they just keep stumbling over their own feet at every opportunity. However, even with the giant market of masked marauders taking up the big screen, we haven’t even gotten a fraction of the heroes in comics into the “real” world of movies. Specifically, we haven’t gotten many (good) representations of those supernatural superheroes since Hellboy 2. In my opinion, I think it’s time for the stranger side of comics to start hitting theaters.


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Halloween in June Editorial: Modern Horror and Jump Scares

What makes a piece of horror media good? The answer, of course, is not the same for everyone. Some people say that horror needs a good story. Others say that horror needs good atmosphere. Still others say that horror is nothing without a good scare. And that’s what today’s article is all about: Scares. Specifically, the state of scares in modern horror.


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Comedy Snob

I went to see Deadpool for the second time this weekend with some friends of mine. During the previews before the movie, there were 2 previews for upcoming comedy flicks, both of them being about brothers for some reason. One was about 2 screw up brothers having to find dates for their sister’s wedding. The other was a new Sacha Baron Cohen flick coming up. The entire theater was laughing at these antics… except for me. And I didn’t even notice, really, until my best friend looked at me and said “Wow, you didn’t even crack a smile once through those trailers.” And I realized, no, I hadn’t. In fact, I had found those trailers extremely annoying.


Representation of how I probably looked at the time.

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Wondertrading: An Addiction

I have an addiction.  I think I actually have a lot of addictions:  Reading, movies, TV shows.  Nothing life threatening, mind you, but definitely addictions.  But one particular addiction has been on my mind lately.  The Pokemon games have a feature now called Wondertrading. And I am highly, HIGHLY addicted to it.


Picture taken from here.

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Christmas Merry-thon Editorial: I Believe in Santa Claus

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about faith recently.  About my faith and my religion and how I practice it.  Or, rather, how I’ve failed to practice it for so long.  Now all this thinking has mostly revolved around a character named Michael Carpenter from the Dresden Files novels and why he’s one of my favorite characters ever.  However, I just can’t find a way to tie the character into Christmas outside of his belief of Jesus.  Which is why I have instead decided to talk about the first “God” figure I ever truly believed in as a kid:  Santa Claus.


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Latin Lover

And now, story time with Richard.

I was once playing Cards Against Humanity with Laura (my fiancée) and my good friends Tony, Lee Ann, and Ashley.  A card came up and Laura was the one slotted to pick.  I forget what the question was or what the other answers were but one of the cards in play talked about a “Latin lover.”  That card did not win and Ashley, who had played it, got angry because she thought the card was perfect for Laura.  “Why?” I asked.  “What does Laura have to do with a Latin lover?” Someone said in response (can’t remember who), “You’re Cuban, aren’t you?”  “So? …Oh… Wait…”


This .gif will make sense later in the article, trust me.

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The Clara Problem

Last year, I talked about The Moffat Problem.  I still sort of have the same problems with his writing as I did last year.  He does still focus more on the “emotional” side of each story rather than the “logical” side.  But he does seem to have taken a step back from the stories that feel too big and important.  This last season felt about as laid back as Season 5.   Sure, important things happened, but they didn’t feel too huge to overshadow the overarching story itself.  However, I think he took a bit too far a step in the wrong direction.  And it all has to do with my most disliked companion of all New Who (yes, even more disliked than Rose), Clara. https://i1.wp.com/img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20131129061808/tardis/images/2/2c/Clara_Oswald_The_Day_of_The_Doctor.jpg Continue reading