Review: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

As is evidenced by quite a few blogs here, I’m a huge Disney dork. I love the movies, the parks, and even the hotels. A big part of my personality stems from my exposure to Disney and its products. I think part of that is that I grew up around the time of the Disney Renaissance, so the movies really hit home with me. When I heard they were remaking one of their biggest hits into a live-action movie, I was skeptical but excited. As the previews kept coming, my hype kept building. I was able to see it today. So, was this movie a beauty or a beast? Let’s find out. This is Beauty and the Beast.

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Review: Disney’s Pocahontas

I’m going to do two blogs today mostly because I missed last week’s deadline. Here’s the first one.

A few weeks ago, I decided to take another look at a Disney movie that doesn’t have the best reputation. I ended up liking the movie a lot more than I remembered liking it before. As such, I decided to do the same thing this week. Pocahontas is infamous as being one of the worst movies of the Disney Renaissance. People call it boring and extremely inaccurate to history. Still, it’s Disney. Would they really shill out a product that wasn’t at the very least entertaining to watch? I decided to find out if this movie was worth its weight in gold or if it deserves a savage beating. Let’s look at Pocahontas.

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Review: Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Why am I reviewing an old-ish Disney movie? Because I want to and I can.

Disney definitely does not have a spotless record when it comes to their movies. They have some rather significant blemishes on their name, like Home on the Range. But one film that people seem to give some hate to is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. And, honestly, I never understood the extreme emotions against this film. Sure, I never thought it would make my Top 10 Disney movies list, but I didn’t think it was a spit in the face of the audience either. Still, I haven’t seen the movie in at least over a decade. Have my thoughts changed? Is this movie truly deplorable? Let’s find out. This is Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Review: Doctor Strange

Housekeeping first: I hope everyone had a happy Halloween last week. I basically missed the last 3 days of Crypt-ober due to general busy-ness. Hey, at least I did a blog a day for the majority of the month. Now, let’s dive in.

I’m a major, major fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t think that the MCU can do anything wrong at this point. Heck, I have even basically turned my opinion around about Jessica Jones (in that I will totally watch Season 2 when it gets released). (Agents of SHIELD is basically the only exception. Screw that show.) Marvel has even proven that their obscure comic properties can be turned into uber-massive hits. So I was super hyped when Doctor Strange was announced. The hype only got bigger and bigger for me the more we saw trailers and posters. I didn’t know anything about Dr. Strange going into this. So, how was the movie? Let’s find out. This is Doctor Strange.

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First Impressions: The Real Ghostbusters

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Everyone knows the answer to this question. The Ghostbusters are a cornerstone of the geek world, especially for horror comedy lovers like myself. However, for some reason, the spin-off cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters, passed me completely by when I was a kid. My first introduction to our paranormal investigators was with the spin-off of the spin-off, Extreme Ghostbusters. And I still haven’t given the original cartoon a chance. Well, that changes today! Let me take a look at the first episode of this classic cartoon, Ghosts R Us.

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Review: Deadpool (The Movie)

Can Marvel truly do no wrong in today’s market? Well, so far, they made a hit off an obscure team nobody in the world cared about before the trailer. They made a hit off the Avenger with the lamest power (I’ll let you debate about which one I mean). They even convinced Sony to give them back a character that Sony obviously doesn’t know how to handle anymore. Can they make a hit off a completely rated R movie? Yes, they can. This is Deadpool.

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Flicking Through Netflix: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Netflix has been on a big roll with their original series in my eyes. House of Cards is a really compelling political drama (even if the third season kinda sucked). Daredevil is probably my favorite superhero show, period. So when I heard that they were taking on Marvel again through their little known hero Jessica Jones, I had to be there. Did it live up to my own personal hype? This is Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

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