Halloween In June Spook Factor Double Feature!

You didn’t really think I’d let an entire Halloween in June go by without a single post from me, did you?

Well, to satisfy your urge for entertainment, I have not one, but TWO BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE SPOOK FACTOR VIDEOS!

The first is a scripted review of the Buffy Animated Series Pilot!

Did you know that Buffy the Vampire Slayer once almost had a fully animated spin-off series? Find out the details in this week’s Spook Factor!

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The second video is an Unboxing of Gravity Falls Journal 3 Special Edition!

Join me as I discover the secrets inside the box!


The Spook Factor: Top 13 Creepy Kid’s Show Intros

Ladies, gentlemen, and all other configurations of beings, I give you the long awaited second episode of the Spook Factor! I count down my top 13 favorite creepy kids show intros!

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Written, Shot, and Directed by Richard “Daffy” Rodriguez
Edited by Laura Fanjoy

Why did this show take so long? Life got in the way. BUT! We’re back and I’m already working on the next script. I’m really happy with how this came out. Hopefully, I can get the show running at least semi-regularly. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below!

Another Creative Outlet

So, I’ve been in a writing slump lately. I get this way sometimes with periods where I have hardly any confidence in the stuff I write. Highs and lows. Blah blah, you get it. It’s why I haven’t made the next Spook Factor yet. I’ve also been stuck on what to blog about. I’ve been obsessed with Undertale lately and I DO want to talk about it. However, again, writing slump. As such, I have been looking for another creative outlet. Thus, I come to what I have been up to lately: Fan art.

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My Top 10 Favorite Cartoon Shows

Brace yourselves! Longer than normal post ahead! Mostly because I’m passionate about this subject and I’m making up for lost time this week.

As I approach the exact middle of my 20s, I find there is still one constant in my mind since I was a kid: I love cartoons. When I was younger, I just thought the pictures were cool and the stories were fine. As an adult, I find their artistry and story-telling can be phenomenally well done. Sure, there are some stinkers here and there, but isn’t that the case with every genre of TV show? Since I love cartoons so much and have quite a bit of experience watching them, I’ve decided to compile my first list of the new year! These are My Top 10 Favorite Cartoons of All Time! (Note: List is subject to change in the future. Tastes change, people change, new cartoons get made, etc. I may wish to change my list at some point in the unknowable future. This list reflects my mindset during the present, in my mid-20s.)

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Split Focus

So, this particular post is going to be a mixed bag. First, we’ll start off with some quick-fire reviews of stuff I’ve been wanting to talk about recently, then I’ll talk about why I’ve been so sporadic with posts this year. Alright, quick-fire reviews!

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Halloween Specials Week: Summerween (Gravity Falls)

Here’s yet another blog in my Halloween Specials Week.  When are you too old for Halloween? Never, is what I say.  If it was socially acceptable, I’d still be going out for Trick-or-Treating even at 23.  But society does play a big factor in this.  Eventually, everyone thinks you’re too old to collect candy.  Today’s episode revolves around one character thinking he’s crossed that age line at 12.  It’s the Summerween episode of Gravity Falls. https://i1.wp.com/img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121021064107/gravityfalls/images/6/61/S1e12_summerween_trickster_at_door.png Continue reading