Review: Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Why am I reviewing an old-ish Disney movie? Because I want to and I can.

Disney definitely does not have a spotless record when it comes to their movies. They have some rather significant blemishes on their name, like Home on the Range. But one film that people seem to give some hate to is the Hunchback of Notre Dame. And, honestly, I never understood the extreme emotions against this film. Sure, I never thought it would make my Top 10 Disney movies list, but I didn’t think it was a spit in the face of the audience either. Still, I haven’t seen the movie in at least over a decade. Have my thoughts changed? Is this movie truly deplorable? Let’s find out. This is Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Crypt-ober: One Night at Mercy (The Twilight Zone 2002)

You’re traveling to another dimension. A dimension not of sight or of sound but of mind. A dimension NOT hosted by Rod Sterling. Yes, fright fans, the Twilight Zone is probably one of the most well known horror/sci-fi anthology franchises in entertainment history. But did you know that there were two revivals of the original concept? One revival happened during the 1980s and another revival happened just over a decade ago in the early 2000s. Obviously, these new takes were not hosted by the late great Rod Sterling. Instead, the latest version was hosted by Forest Whitaker of all people. So, does this show have the same impact as the original or is it dead on the table? Let’s find out with the second episode, One Night at Mercy.

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