General Portfolio

This page is a collection blogs that were originally written for other purposes, such as school projects or the school newspaper.

The following 3 blogs and videos were originally produced for a multimedia class at Florida International University.

Ring Warriors: February Fury

Animate! Miami and Super Championship Wrestling

Superheros Battle in the Wrestling Ring!

The following articles were written for The Current, the newspaper at Nova Southeastern University.

It doesn’t matter who Disney was behind closed doors

A Siri-ous Problem

“No Good Deed” is no good

Batman minus Batman equals nothing good

Halloween is my favorite holiday!

The Many Faces of Horror

Horns: An Enjoyably Uncomfortable Horror Flick

The following 5 blogs and videos were originally projects made specifically for a technical writing class at Nova Southeastern University.  Enjoy!

How to Binge Watch a TV Show Online!

Dog Ate My Homework:  Excuse Maker App

My Quantified Self:  The Internet vs Books

Cosplayers and Observers:  A Guide to Basic Etiquette at Conventions

Project Reflections


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