Review: Hotel Transylvania 2

Is Adam Sandler a washed-up has-been? Seems a lot like it. The last few years have not been kind to Sandler’s live action comedies. People (me) have called them uninspired, unfunny, and outright annoying. Can the same be said of his cartoon movies? Is Sandler as a voice actor as annoying as Sandler the comedian? The answer may surprise you. This is Hotel Transylvania 2.

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Flicking Through Netflix: Tucker & Dale vs Evil

Hello, loyal readers! Been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry about that, but life happens and inspiration hasn’t struck me for a few months. The good news is, after my long, unannounced, extended vacation from this blog, I’m refreshed and raring to go! However, since I’m a bit rusty after a few months of not writing, I thought we’d come back with something easy: Another Flicking Through Netflix review!

Horror comedies are quite possibly my favorite genre. You’ve got all the creepy creativeness of horror and all of the lighthearted fun of a comedy mixed in a (usually) perfect blend. While doing research for an upcoming list (you’ll see, I promise), I was reminded of today’s movie.  This is Tucker & Dale vs Evil!

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