Religion: True or False?

I’m using this blog post as both a way to talk about a serious subject that I believe is important and also as a slight vent session to help settle my feelings about a conversation I had yesterday with my father and his wife.  I may have what you may think is a “controversial opinion.”  It is important to note that it is not my intention to anger anyone or to raise controversy.  These are simply, as always, my opinions.  You are free to disagree with me and I will not think you are wrong.  My intention is merely to, at least, get people to see religion from at least one perspective.  Warning: This may also be a long blog post as I’m talking about a very complex issue and I want to make sure I’m saying exactly what I mean.

Background before we officially begin:  I was raised Catholic.  As a 23-year-old, I still consider myself Catholic, though not exactly a practicing Catholic as I don’t go to church a lot.  My father, when I was a kid, was also Catholic.  However, after he and my mother divorced, he somehow converted to a non-denominational Christian church.  With this change, he’s become a bit more religious in my eyes because his religion is one of the biggest parts of his life (or so it seems to me because he feels very strongly about it).  Alright, I think that’s everything you need to know.  Let’s get on with it.

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Flicking Through Netflix: Adventure Time (Seasons 1 and 2)

It’s not often that I turn my opinion completely around about something.  In fact, I consider myself stubborn enough that I don’t really like changing my opinions on things without a very good reason.  When I first started Adventure Time, I didn’t really like it at all.  I found it a bit overly random, the humor wasn’t my style, and it just didn’t do much for me.  I got to episode 6, titled The Jiggler, before deciding that I didn’t care for the show in the slightest and dropping it completely.  Then, Laura started getting into it, kept talking it up, binge watching the show.  Now I’ve seen all of the first two seasons in 3 days.  So, it’s with a bit of reluctance on my part that I admit my new found love of Adventure Time.

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TFiOS Tour: An Apology to my Friends and John Green

I just had one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting days of my life thus far.  I am drained and I feel like a piece of crap in the human race.  I’m probably going to vent a little.  I may come off as a bit rage-y and I apologize but today was just really awful.  Onward to drama.

To Tony, Lee Ann, and Ashley,

I’m sorry.  I’m sorry this day sucked.  I’m sorry the crowd was so unruly.  I’m sorry we couldn’t stay in that “close to the stage” area.  But, mostly, I’m truly, really very sorry that you guys saw me at probably my absolute worst.  I should not have let that stupid, bratty, shitty, whiny, stubborn, doesn’t get the concept of a fucking CROWD, entitled, stuck up little momma’s girl BITCH get the best of me.  And, yes, as you can see, I’m still agitated about it.  Most of my life, I’ve had a pretty bad temper.  However, I’ve not gotten that bad in years.

I think you guys are really good friends and I never want to disappoint you.  So, I’m sorry for my crappy temper.  I do want to thank you for helping me through it.  I will do my absolute best to try to never let it happen again.



To John Green,

I’m very happy that you came to my town.  However, I’m also very sad that you came to my town and saw it at what I believe is its absolute worst.  I’ve been a fan of yours for a while and I consider myself proud to be a Nerdfighter.  I am so very sorry on behalf of the people of Miami for the utter chaos that was the Miami stop of the TFiOS tour.  I have never seen a crowd get quite as bad as the one that came to this event.  There is never any excuse to act, as you put it, as absolutely insane as everyone in the crowd did.  I’m very sorry if you got agitated thanks to the crowd and I’m sorry that the event had to be cut short.

Honestly, I thought the venue for the event was an odd choice from the beginning.  I know how popular you are and, for something as huge as a movie tour Q & A session, this should have been in a more professional venue.  The small-ish front stage of an already small-ish mall just made me scratch my head.  I felt like the venue didn’t act as professionally as it could have and certainly was not prepared for the sheer number of people that attended the event.

I do hope you some day return to Miami to a venue that’s more suitable to a huge crowd.  The day you do, I’m certain to get myself a ticket.  Not everyone in Miami is as crazy as you saw, I promise.  I hope you have a good rest of the tour and have fun with the cast.