The Spook Factor: Top 13 Creepy Kid’s Show Intros

Ladies, gentlemen, and all other configurations of beings, I give you the long awaited second episode of the Spook Factor! I count down my top 13 favorite creepy kids show intros!

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Written, Shot, and Directed by Richard “Daffy” Rodriguez
Edited by Laura Fanjoy

Why did this show take so long? Life got in the way. BUT! We’re back and I’m already working on the next script. I’m really happy with how this came out. Hopefully, I can get the show running at least semi-regularly. Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment below!


Silent Hills is Back?

I am a gamer. Granted, I’m not very good at gaming, but I have a pretty big collection of games. So, I’ve been keeping tabs on E3, the yearly convention where big video game companies announce new, upcoming games. And, thus far, my favorite announcement has come from Sony and Hideo Kojima. Namely, a new game is being made with Norman Reedus. A game called Death Stranding. And like everyone else, one question keeps going through my mind: Is Silent Hills back?

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What Should I Say?

Over the weekend, tragedy struck in Orlando as a man with a gun killed many people at a club. I don’t normally talk about current events on this blog. I’m usually focused on escapism entertainment. But I haven’t been able to think about anything else.  And, unfortunately, as the blog title suggests, I’m not sure what to talk about. Of course, there’s nothing else I WANT to talk about right now. But… What should I say?

I don’t want to talk about the tragedy. I don’t think I’m knowledgeable enough in the facts to do that. I don’t want to talk about the politics involved. There’s enough political talk already. So, I guess I’ll talk about the one thing I know was involved in this crime: Hatred.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt true hatred. I’ve felt extreme dislike, horrible disappointment, shameful regret, but never true hatred. In fact, I can’t even imagine what hatred is like. But, if I had to guess, I’m pretty sure hatred looks an awful lot like the man who committed the crime. I guess I just don’t understand how someone could hate others enough to kill people he didn’t even know.

I think a lot of the world’s problems would be solved if people didn’t hate so much. And I don’t mean “Oh, don’t be a hater.” No, I mean literally, passionately HATE. There’s so much hatred in this world. I don’t see the point of it. Hate has never made anything better. Hate only destroys.

I’m rambling. Again, I’m at a loss of what to say, so I guess I’m just talking in circles. For all of yesterday, I thought I wasn’t really effected by the news. But, I guess I was on an emotional level because I just can’t stop thinking about the lives of those effected.

There’s an image I heard about on the radio. After the bullets stopped and the survivors got away, the emergency response was going through the bodies and they kept hearing cellphones going off. Cellphones of the people who were dead. Cellphones that would be never answered. Cellphones being called by those who are hoping for an answer.

I’m going to shut up now. Back to happy, distracting blogs tomorrow. Sorry if I bummed anyone out. Until next time, spread love. We need more love in the world. We have to tell those we love that we love them while we can.

My Top 5 Favorite Horror Film Franchises

Hollywood only wants franchises nowadays. At least, that’s how it seems when it comes to their horror and action movies. They aren’t interested in a story unless they can make more than one movie out of it. I’ve seen my share of horror movies in my day, but even I can admit when a series is getting repetitive. That’s why it’s so rare to get a legitimately good franchise out there in today’s world. Despite the fact that series movies can get stale, franchises are everywhere. That’s why I have decided to make a list of My Top 5 Favorite Horror Film Franchises! Why only top 5? Because, like any decent horror film, I’m laying some ground rules…

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Halloween Horror Nights’ New Icon!

I am a huge fan of Halloween Horror Nights… At least, I’m a huge fan of the designs, the ideas, and most of all, the stories they make. (I’m far too much of a coward to actually attend one of the events myself. Maybe some day, but not too soon.) You may think a Halloween event doesn’t really need a story. You just need the scares, right? Well, my friend. What is a scare without a story? And what is a story without a main character? This is why, every year, I wait impatiently for the announcement of the central icon for Halloween Horror Nights, the event’s icon for the year. After 4 years revisiting the same old haunts, we finally have a new, fresh and bloody face. And this time, you don’t stand a chance!

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First Impressions: Tutenstein (The Awakening)

Been watching a lot of creepy children’s cartoons lately, haven’t I? Well, here’s another one. When it comes to movie monsters, mummy’s are a bit under-serviced nowadays. However, there was a time where rotting Egyptian corpses were all over the place in media. And that includes children’s media. For example, the Mummy film from the late 90s and early 00s got an animated spin-off. Not to mention today’s offering to the ancient gods of old, Tutenstein.

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Halloween in June Editorial: Scary Superheroes on the Silver Screen

Marvel is currently heading a huge boom in superhero movies. DC is trying it’s best to keep up, but ever since The Dark Knight, they just keep stumbling over their own feet at every opportunity. However, even with the giant market of masked marauders taking up the big screen, we haven’t even gotten a fraction of the heroes in comics into the “real” world of movies. Specifically, we haven’t gotten many (good) representations of those supernatural superheroes since Hellboy 2. In my opinion, I think it’s time for the stranger side of comics to start hitting theaters.

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