4 Disney Villains With Terrible Plans

I’ve been really obsessed with Cracked.com lately, specifically their series After Hours. For those who haven’t seen, four friends sit around at table nitpicking popular culture to hell and back. So, I’ve been in the mood to do the same. And what better franchise to cut to ribbons than the all-powerful kingdom of the mouse.

There have been a number of memorable Disney villains throughout the years. They have great designs, over-the-top personalities, a bumbling henchman or two. The villains are the best parts of Disney movies. But do they always have the best laid plans? You’d be surprised how quickly some of these plots fall apart the more you poke at them. So, I’m here to talk about 4 Disney villains whose plans were bullshit. I’m not disputing their evil-ness or anything like that. I’m just saying that these four plans are stupid and pointless. Here they are in no particular order.


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Halloween in June Editorial: Scary Superheroes on the Silver Screen

Marvel is currently heading a huge boom in superhero movies. DC is trying it’s best to keep up, but ever since The Dark Knight, they just keep stumbling over their own feet at every opportunity. However, even with the giant market of masked marauders taking up the big screen, we haven’t even gotten a fraction of the heroes in comics into the “real” world of movies. Specifically, we haven’t gotten many (good) representations of those supernatural superheroes since Hellboy 2. In my opinion, I think it’s time for the stranger side of comics to start hitting theaters.


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Comedy Snob

I went to see Deadpool for the second time this weekend with some friends of mine. During the previews before the movie, there were 2 previews for upcoming comedy flicks, both of them being about brothers for some reason. One was about 2 screw up brothers having to find dates for their sister’s wedding. The other was a new Sacha Baron Cohen flick coming up. The entire theater was laughing at these antics… except for me. And I didn’t even notice, really, until my best friend looked at me and said “Wow, you didn’t even crack a smile once through those trailers.” And I realized, no, I hadn’t. In fact, I had found those trailers extremely annoying.


Representation of how I probably looked at the time.

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Flicking Through Netflix: Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Netflix has been on a big roll with their original series in my eyes. House of Cards is a really compelling political drama (even if the third season kinda sucked). Daredevil is probably my favorite superhero show, period. So when I heard that they were taking on Marvel again through their little known hero Jessica Jones, I had to be there. Did it live up to my own personal hype? This is Marvel’s Jessica Jones.


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Split Focus

So, this particular post is going to be a mixed bag. First, we’ll start off with some quick-fire reviews of stuff I’ve been wanting to talk about recently, then I’ll talk about why I’ve been so sporadic with posts this year. Alright, quick-fire reviews!

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Review: Mario & Luigi – The Mask

The Mask is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Jim Carrey at the peak of his career, amazing cartoony special effects, fast paced action and comedy, this movie has it all.  I also really liked the animated TV show based on the movie.  The Mask, as a concept, just has a lot of creativity to it.  (What sequel?  There wasn’t a sequel.  Sequels don’t exist.  Masks can’t have sons.  Stop being silly.)  So, when I heard there was a series bringing together one of my favorite movies and a highly popular video game franchise, I just HAD to check it out.  Allow me to tell you why I love Mario & Luigi: The Mask.


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