Reader Beware: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

Time Travel, the plot line no Sci-Fi story has ever been able to get right in the history of time. Seriously, even the good time travel movies can’t keep their continuities straight. But, Stephen King is arguably one of the most influential writers of our generation. Surely, he can get it right… Right? This is 11/22/63.

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Man plans and God laughs. No matter how well we plan out our time, things happen. If you’ve been keeping up with my family drama lately, you know my grandma recently had hip surgery. For a month, she was doing great. Healthiest person of her age her doctor has ever seen. Things went south quick.

To those who care, she’s fine now. But, basically, after a month of no incidents, suddenly her new hip is infected. Apparently this is fairly common with this type of procedure. However, this means she needs a new new hip. Now, this means one of two things. Option one, she immediately gets a new hip, thus I’d stay with her for an additional month, but she’s prone to another infection. Option two, she gets a placeholder for a month or two that she can’t really put pressure on, thus I’d be staying here for potentially 4 or 5 more months, but the likelihood of infection basically disappears.

What does this mean for the Spook Factor? Long story short, I’m rethinking my hiatus a bit. Meaning, we’d start again much sooner. I’d just have to warn my grandma when I’m filming. I’m just not comfortable putting it off for another 5 months. I’d just have to think of some clever way to explain the new setting or something. Oh, on the note of Spook Factor…

I’m also looking at playing with the format a bit. While I still like the way the first episode came out, I feel like I’m lacking some “oomph,” some voice for my character that I have yet to find. I won’t ever lose my informative tone, but I think I need to find my personality with this show.

I am not sure how often I’ll get episodes out right now. I’m starting a new part of my job: I’m teaching English as a Second Language. It’ll be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it. On the bright side, I’m still part-time, so I’ll have plenty of time for the show. I just have to find the balance between work, hobby, and play.

Anyway, that’s all I have time for right now. I wanna finish this script as soon as I can. See you next time!

Flicking Through Netflix: Fuller House (Our Very First Show, Again)

I grew up watching every single episode of Full House multiple times. I don’t know why. I never found it funny or charming. I guess I just found it… safe. It never challenged me as a watcher, it never offended me… It just sort of kept me company on those lazy afternoons. I never saw it as a classic. I can’t say it’s TERRIBLE, but I can’t like it, either. It’s just bland. Why, oh why, did someone decide to make a sequel show? This is Fuller House.

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Thoughts from a Wii U Owner

So, I recently moved in with my grandma temporarily (which you’d know if you’ve been paying attention). As such, this blog is a tad late since I’ve been just getting used to being in this environment. Not a HUGE change, but a change nonetheless. Still, I’ve had at least one thing on my mind a lot recently and that thing is the Wii U.

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